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Primary Officers

Kenny Waterston—Director/Road Captain
Murray  Clark—Assistant Director/Road Captain
Gina Harris—Treasurer 
Mike Winsor—Secretary/Road Captain 


Rich Barger—Road Captain 
Kevin Bigert - Road Captain 
Evelyn Capps—LOH Secretary/Committee  Chair Cheryl DeGray– Road Captain 
Mike DeGray—Webmaster/Road Captain Bill Fitzgerald—Road Captain 

John Galletta—Newsletter Editor 
Road Captain Larry Harris—Road Captain 
Gloria Hill -  LOH Assistant 
Bobby Johnson—Road Captain 
Mike Mattza—Road Captain 
James Grisham—Dealer Liaison 
Cathy Purdue—Road Captain 
Ronnie Purdue—Road Captain 
Rusty Sandifer—Road Captain 
Gwen Smith—LOH Director/Patch Lady
Bob Hagar– Training/Safety/ 
Mark Von Tress—Special rides/Star Points/ Head RC Cindy Waterston - Membership/Road Captain Gary White—Rod Captain 

Department Heads

Chris Steveson- Sales Manager Pedro Carrillo- Sales Manager Eric Moore- Business Manager 
Richie Morris-Business Manager Iggy Vargas-Motorclothes Manager Torrey Honzell-Parts 
Manager Mark Holcomb-Service Manager Stephanie Sunker-Marketing Director 
Jonnee Evans-Event coordinator Jason Martin-Riding Academy Manager